Quick tips to stay posture perfect while at home!

Hello everyone! Hope you all are safe at home spending gala time with family, calling up your relatives and friends, spending time in front of screen to continue working from home and also watching your favourite web series.

So.. while spending time in front of your device screen, mind the duration you spend by being in one posture. Since we are already moving around less being at home only, we should not let our muscles and joints get affected by being in one posture to avoid long term consequences of it.

But how do we do that? That’s exactly what I am going to share in this blog- quick tips on how to maintain and adapt good posture while enjoying time at home and working from home.

Let our joints and muscles remain healthy to keep us moving without discomfort.
Back and neck are most susceptible to fall prey to sustained postures. We sit on couch with laptop on lap slouching our back and poking our chin forward, or else lie in bed in awkward postures till we finish watching a web series season probably and so on!

These postures can give us aches and pains if we continue to be in the same bad postures for long which is avoidable and correctable. And here are those quick tips to correct incorrect postures –

1. Avoid being in one posture by setting an alarm of every 40-45 minutes after which take a small walk or jog in place, stretch your arms, hands and fingers.
This will help improve blood circulation and nutrition to your joints. Frequent shorter breaks are beneficial than fewer, longer breaks.

This alarm can sometimes be helpful to enjoy a family time together. Go for your favourite light dance steps together just for a period of 5-7 minutes (you may click pictures and make memories and stay healthy together at the same time).

2. Sit with your device screen at or slightly below eye-level (no chin poking forward, be sure you sit up straight).

3. Sit with your back supported well against the backrest (and you may use a small pillow to support your low back), be it a couch or a chair.

4. Don’t keep your feet dangling when sitting on chair but keep your feet supported either on footrest or floor (to reduce stress to muscles of low back).

5. Keep your forearms supported on the armrest while operating keyboard (to reduce stress to muscles of shoulder blade and upper back).

If using a laptop change position of forearm and hand often to avoid muscle fatigue. If you begin to feel uncomfortable, stop and rest for some time.

6. Take vision breaks: every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds to focus on an object at least 20 feet away. Adjust screen brightness and contrast levels that allow you to comfortably view the screen.

Hope these tips help you.

Stay fit, stay healthy.

Do share it with your loved ones to help them work and enjoy home-time pain free. Share in the comment section what else you are doing to maintain good posture while at home and working from home.

Thank you.


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14 thoughts on “Quick tips to stay posture perfect while at home!

  1. Thank you Dr. Rajashree. This was much needed in this time of quarantine. Work from home is leading to a lot of posture related issues that no one is taking about. Great article. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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