Do you want quick exercise tips while working from home? (S1)

Series 1

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are doing well and following all the tips from my previous blog to maintain good posture while working from home!

So..considering that we have learned to maintain good posture..let us power-up our body to next level in just few minutes. Today I am going to share quick exercise tips to gear up for energy, good mood and enthusiasm while staying fit working from home!!

Here we go-

  • Toes curling and stretching out– curl all your toes and then stretch those out as much as possible to get a good stretch to all the important small muscles of your feet which we ignore most of the times.
  • Butt walking– while sitting on the chair with your back straight, lift and shift one buttock at a time to move forward on chair. Then shift each buttock at a time again to move backward on chair and repeat again. This exercise will help activate muscles of low back and hips better after sitting for long in one position.
  • Air swimming– swim in air covering maximum area in front and side of your body by moving your arms. This exercise targets your arms and upper back muscles.
  • Aeroplane hugs– open your arms as wide as possible like aeroplane wings but diagonally (as shown in first picture below) while taking a deep breath in. Then while breathing out bring your arms closer to your body and hug yourself (so we have found a way to get hugs right? Social distancing cannot stop you from hugging yourself!! ). Repeat it by moving arms alternately diagonally.
  • Overhead Namaste– perform Namaste in front of your body and gradually move it overhead giving a good stretch to your arms, shoulders, upper back while straightening your slouched back.

The most interesting part is here.. to give you peace, patience and a good mood amid the current situation of lockdown.

  • Clenching fist– stretch your arms in front and clench both fists and open wide. Repeat the same with arms stretched at the side of your body.
  • Clapping- move your hands overhead and clap while singing or listening to your favourite song.
  • Arm circles– stretch your arms to your side and move those in small circles gently.
  • Jog in place– hit the button for your favourite beats and jog in place for one complete minute. Begin slowly and you may gradually increase the pace as tolerable. Don’t stamp your feet on the floor while jogging. Make sure you land your feet safely on the floor with the toes first followed by the rest of the foot. It is important to follow this instruction in order to avoid joints of your legs and back from bearing incorrect and harmful forces.

Note: Each exercise to be performed 10 times twice a day. Listen to your body and go gently or skip any part of exercise series if it is hurting. Mild discomfort and stretch may be expected during these exercises but will make you feel better in some time.

Hope these exercises help you boost your mood and health.

Share it with your loved ones to help them as well.

Series 2 of exercise tips will be out soon. So stay tuned!

Thank you.

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