Unlock secrets to mental health with unlock 1.0

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are keeping well and safe.

We know that all of us are going back to our before-lockdown routine gradually after being in lockdown for long time now. But is the routine going to be same again?!

Whether it is going to be same or not..we do not know but we can keep ourselves abreast with the changing scenarios while we get back to our work or routine, especially our mental health which is overlooked often!

We need to be in good state of mind and overall well-being to handle whatever comes our way.

Considering this perspective, not just for these currently changing scenarios but also for life henceforth, we are here to introduce you to the secret to boost up your mental health.

Photo by emre keshavarz on Pexels.com

The secret to uplift and sustain your mood, feel enthusiastic, increase attention and memory and all of which can help you increase your efficiency almost in everything you do and help you stay happy.  

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know that there is one thing which if included in your daily routine can give you all those benefits?!

And what’s that?

Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com

EXERCISE!!! Yes, you read it correct.. Exercise can give you all those benefits!

So here is the beauty and benefits of exercise-

  1. Exercise increases secretion of certain hormones-
  • Serotonin: enhances mood.
  • Dopamine: improves focus, learning and motivation.
  • Norepinephrine: improves attention, perception and motivation.
  • Endorphins: reduces pain sensation.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com
  1. Improves memory-

A recent research review from Journal of Brain Plasticity has revealed that a wonderful part of our brain called hippocampus which plays role in memory, has its activity increased with exercise and gifts us with improved memory and learning ability (so popping supplement pills to increase memory can be avoided by owning this amazing hack of exercising!!).

Repetition (bringing to mind often) and association (linking and connecting what we know and what we learn) are the processes through which exercise helps increase our memory.

  1. Exercise protects and repair brain cells called neurons. Hence, it protects brain from deterioration as we age.
  1. Besides mood regulation, it also helps us achieve and maintain mental clarity.

So, to conclude, if you stay motivated, have a good mood, with improved focus and memory then you will get through your work efficiently which will make you happy and you remain in good mood and this cycle goes on and on and on…!

Isn’t that an amazing gift to yourself..?!!

So go ahead and get an exercise routine as all these benefits will last long only if you exercise regularly. Be consistent to not skip dose of all those hormones to keep up your mental health and efficiency while facing challenges.

In case you do feel like skipping it, turn to these benefits here to pep up your determination to get back to exercising!!!

Stay motivated and happy!

Don’t forget to share it with your loved ones especially in these times.

Thank you!

Authored by-

Dr Rajashree Lad


Consultant Orthopedic Physiotherapist

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