Sports- to play or not to play is the question…

Greetings to one and all!!

National sports day in India is celebrated on the 29th of August every year, which marks the birth anniversary of Hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand. This day is observed considering the need to stay fit and healthy. So let’s accomplish the motive of this day…….

Though sports is one of the most popular topics in every country, many of us don’t take it seriously. So today, I would like to discuss about sports and its importance with you.

During this unexpected pandemic we all missed many occasions, family gatherings, job routine, but with this, most of us missed watching new sport tournaments on television or in stadium or sometimes checking match scores in college in the middle of lectures, at coffee shops or just standing outside that electronic shop to watch that single shot again…….

If you really like that sport, have you ever thought to incorporate that sport in your daily routine? Have you started playing that sport?

If YES, congratulations!!!!! and I must say you have made correct choice in your life.

If NO, no worries it’s never too late to make a new choice.

Many of us are not able to play a sport due to time constraints or busy schedules, fear of injuries and of being defeated in a sport or due to less awareness about sports itself, self-doubt or due to finding it economically demoralising. But I think this lockdown has already showed us the disadvantages of being physically inactive. So keeping ourselves active through sports will not only help us maintain our physical fitness but also keep up our healthy lifestyle.

Other benefits of sports are:

  1. Entertainment
  1. A sports person can do better in their academics/work.
  1. Constructive use of time.
  1. Develop sense of discipline
  1. Improves self-confidence, self-perception and body image.
  1. Builds team spirit and leadership qualities.
  1. Builds strong relationship with self and society

There’s a saying that

“Your life is a result of your choices, choose wisely.”

I assure you that implementing physical activity through sports will never let you down.


Which sport would you like to play?

Recreational v/s Competitive

If you are playing any sport with a goal of physical fitness and social interaction then you can start with RECREATIONAL SPORTS and if you are playing any sport for passion and are willing to opt for different levels of competition and ready to travel then COMPETITIVE SPORTS are appropriate.

High v/s low impact

High impact sports- As the name suggests, high-impact activities put more stress on your joints. These are good for conditioning as well as calorie burning. Avoid this kind of sport at old age or if you have some bone or joint issue like arthritis.

Eg: Running, Racquet sports, Ball sports.

Low impact sports- At the other end we have low-impact sports. It applies less force to your joints. A good option for people who are new to exercise.

Eg: Swimming, Cycling

Has your brain already started working on what to start with ????

If here are some quick tips for you to begin with..

  • Educate yourself about that particular sport.
  • Use suitable equipments and surfaces according to sport to prevent injury.
  • Use appropriate clothing and shoes.
  • Perform appropriate sport specific training.
  • Perform RAMP warm up for 15-20 minutes (include joint mobility, general warm up and  sport specific warm up).

    Why RAMP ? What does it do ?

  • Perform GUARDed cool down for 15-20 mins (include stretching, breathing exercises)

Why GUARDed ? what does it do ?

  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Take proper nutrition.
  • Be patient. No one becomes a pro at a new sport overnight.
  • Progress gradually.
  • Consult your doctor or/and physiotherapist if you have any injury.

So friends, don’t just think but start incorporating sports in your everyday life.

Stay healthy, stay fit!

Authored by-
Dr Aishwarya Ranbhor (MPT)
Consultant Orthpaedic and Sports Physiotherapist

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