Do you follow exercises on internet to relieve your pain?

Ouch!! That hurts.. what can I do..? Let me Google it!

I guess everyone has been there!! Saw few videos, read something online or merely just followed with some exercises told to us by our near ones who experience the same..

But guess what.. it didn’t improve! Or worst.. your pain increased!

Do you know why it happens?

It is because each one of us differ from each other in every way and hence the treatment/exercise regimen will vary for each one of us. Therefore, the treatment has to be personalized..

Let’s talk a bit more about what Personalized Physiotherapy is, and is not. 

As we know everybody’s body is different and everybody’s reasons/mechanism of injury for the same condition may be different. Every person reacts differently to the same exercise and so the assessment, interpretation, diagnosis and treatment is different, including people who don’t have pain/injury and just simply have goals to improve fitness. So physiotherapy is centered around the needs of patients and not around the work of therapist.

To understand better lets put it this way.. that physiotherapy is not…like going to McDonald..the menu is always the same, the experience is limited, the food is questionable, and the post-meal outcome is less than desirable. But you will have no trouble locating a McDonalds when you are hungry!!! 

Being physiotherapists, we believe, in our practice we have so much to offer as experts in manual and movement-based therapies.

Hence it’s important to contact your physiotherapist for advice/treatment plan before doing any sort of exercise for pain/injury or even fitness to harness the benefits/attain your goals at the same time being aware of the possibility of mistakes/injury.

Authored by-
Dr Charmi Parmar
Consultant Physiotherapist

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