Whattaaa coincidence…!!! 14th November is celebrated as World Diabetes Day every year, remembering the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, the one who co-discovered insulin along with Charles Best in 1922… And also Diwali, our most awaited festival is here… When we talk about Diwali – The Festival of Lights, it’s all about celebrating with your dear and near ones, having those sugar laced sweets and processed dry fruits, late-night card parties with mindless snacking… but guess what, it is no friend to the sugar-conscious.

World Diabetes Day is aimed to promote awareness about this global pandemic (…yes, it can be deadly as Covid 19!!!), affecting millions of people. Well, our previous blog mentions all the important details you need to know about Diabetes. ( )

Diabetes can sometimes play by the rulebook… probably making no sense and tossing out unexpected random challenges. So to all those out there, living with diabetes and also the ones needing to forestall it should be mindful of:-

-Preparing yourself mentally that despite having diabetes you can live a normal life.

-Seek education about diabetes right from why did it happen??…to how to self-manage it and prevent complications in future.

-Engage oneself in newer approaches of communication and social interaction which enhances individuals’ ‘peer support’ at the same time empowering people by building trust from shared experiences and by providing informational and emotional support.

-Make the required lifestyle changes for no one is the better boss for you than yourself.

-Regular blood sugar level monitoring.

-Commit yourself to a diabetic food plan.

-Do not skip exercise.

-Weight management.

-Quit smoking and watch your alcohol consumption.

Management of diabetes is complex and requires engagement with specific self-care behaviors. Patients’ and family care involvement plays a great deal for diabetes care/ management.

Diabetes is like a tough cookie. Much like any other aspect of your life, this subject is all about making smart choices. All you need is a little mindfulness. 

Until next time, take good care of yourself and you dear ones…!!!

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