You can’t defeat a healthy heart!

Heart health is more important than ever during this global pandemic, especially the reason your heart being one of the vital organs keeping you alive and active. World Heart Day is celebrated worldwide on the 29th of September, every year. It created by the World Heart Federation, is the perfect platform for the CVD communityContinue reading “You can’t defeat a healthy heart!”

Do you follow exercises on internet to relieve your pain?

Ouch!! That hurts.. what can I do..? Let me Google it! I guess everyone has been there!! Saw few videos, read something online or merely just followed with some exercises told to us by our near ones who experience the same.. But guess what.. it didn’t improve! Or worst.. your pain increased! Do you knowContinue reading “Do you follow exercises on internet to relieve your pain?”

All you need to know about PCOS!

September is Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Awareness month. It is a federally designed event which came into effect from 2017. A global event emphasizing the need for awareness around PCOS. While there is ample information around available, it’s important to know all the aspects of PCOS. PCOS is a hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovariesContinue reading “All you need to know about PCOS!”

Living with diabetes!

Diabetes mellitus, also called simply diabetes, is a disease characterized by high glucose levels resulting from: either an inadequate production of insulin by pancreas (type 1 – accounts for 5-10% of cases) an inability of insulin to facilitate transport of glucose into the body cell (type 2- accounts for 90-95% of  cases or both AnotherContinue reading “Living with diabetes!”