Practically everyone on this planet at least once might have experienced back pain. Our spine undergoes a lot of wear and tear throughout life. So 16th October each year focuses on educating people about spine and its conditions and motivate them to restore their spinal health and wellbeing, especially after being indoors for a longContinue reading “BACK ON TRACK!”


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes “Arthritis” as inflammation (-itis) of one or more joints (arthros). There could be various conditions affecting the joints and eventually the tissues around it, causing an array of symptoms from pain, swelling to stiffness, amongst others. There are more than 200 diseases identified, which affect the joints.Continue reading “THE “JOINT” EFFORT!”

You can’t defeat a healthy heart!

Heart health is more important than ever during this global pandemic, especially the reason your heart being one of the vital organs keeping you alive and active. World Heart Day is celebrated worldwide on the 29th of September, every year. It created by the World Heart Federation, is the perfect platform for the CVD communityContinue reading “You can’t defeat a healthy heart!”

What is Physiotherapy?

Today, that is, 8th of September of every year signifies World Physiotherapy Day. It is a global event recognizing the importance and trusted role physiotherapists play to improve health and quality of life of their patients. So let’s get into the details.. WHAT IS PHYSIOTHERAPY (PHYSICAL THERAPY) ? According to World Confederation for Physiotherapy- PhysiotherapyContinue reading “What is Physiotherapy?”

Sports- to play or not to play is the question…

Greetings to one and all!! National sports day in India is celebrated on the 29th of August every year, which marks the birth anniversary of Hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand. This day is observed considering the need to stay fit and healthy. So let’s accomplish the motive of this day……. Though sports is one ofContinue reading “Sports- to play or not to play is the question…”

Happy Aging!

A very happy World Senior Citizen’s Day!! If you are 60 or 60 plus, Congratulations you are officially a senior citizen! I once heard an elderly say, I am not 60, I am sweet 16 with 44 years of experience.  As Shakespeare said, “Age is just a number,” but we tend to take this numberContinue reading “Happy Aging!”


“Old age is not a disease- it is strength and survivorship, triumph over all kinds of vicissitudes and disappointments, trials and illness.”- Maggie Kuhn The above mentioned quote is a reminder to all of us, not just the elderly but even for their loved ones that aging or rather “Active aging” as World Health OrganizationContinue reading “FALL PREVENTION IN ELDERLY!”

Are you recovering from COVID-19?

Your body has been through an ordeal and it’s bound to take time to get back to what you were! But do not worry. There is always a hope, in this process, to facilitate your recovery! And this is what exactly I am going to share with you today…that how will you recover faster andContinue reading “Are you recovering from COVID-19?”

Living with diabetes!

Diabetes mellitus, also called simply diabetes, is a disease characterized by high glucose levels resulting from: either an inadequate production of insulin by pancreas (type 1 – accounts for 5-10% of cases) an inability of insulin to facilitate transport of glucose into the body cell (type 2- accounts for 90-95% of  cases or both AnotherContinue reading “Living with diabetes!”

Are you taking pills to relieve your pain?

With countless over-the-counter pills for treatment of pain, it can seem simple to turn to medicines for pain relief. Likewise pain relievers such as the opioids and steroids are also prescribed. While the long term effects of these medicines may be harmful, a relatively safer option can be thought of, that is, PHYSIOTHERAPY. With physiotherapyContinue reading “Are you taking pills to relieve your pain?”