Do you follow exercises on internet to relieve your pain?

Ouch!! That hurts.. what can I do..? Let me Google it! I guess everyone has been there!! Saw few videos, read something online or merely just followed with some exercises told to us by our near ones who experience the same.. But guess what.. it didn’t improve! Or worst.. your pain increased! Do you knowContinue reading “Do you follow exercises on internet to relieve your pain?”

Let’s get to know your pain!

Why does pain hurt?
Well, pain is a completely brain-generated interpretation of signals from the body part. We only hurt when the brain actually assigns meaning to the information coming from the tissues. Let’s find out in detail…

Arthritis in kids- are you aware of this type?

Do you know kids get arthritis too?
There is lack of awareness about it which delays the diagnosis and early treatment. Being Juvenile arthritis awareness month, this blogpost is aimed to raise awareness about Juvenile arthritis towards improving quality of life of kids!